09 May 2009

Dad Vail National Championships Results

Dad Vail National Championships Regatta
Men's Freshman Crew Qualifies for Semi's

The Men's Freshman Crew rowed a outstanding race on Friday and qualified themselves for a top seeded placing in the semi-finals on Saturday morning. By posting the 5th fastest time of 51 crews, the crew of coxswain William Walls, Stroke Frank Osborne, 3- Connan Ingham, and Bow Thomas Gambill is in good position to qualify for the final on Saturday afternoon.

Additionally, the Men's Varsity Four of Coxswain Robert Kaldenbach, Stoke- Bradford Webster, 3- Erik Henden, 2-James Sanwald, and Bow- Charles Waters rowed a great race in finishing 21st of 53 crews but unfortuanately failed to grab one of the top 18 spots in the Semi-finals. The Varsity Women's Pair of Stroke- Anna Simons, and Bow Kacey Rohloff rowed in rougher conditions at the end of the day and despite the conditions, rowed a good race but finished 18th and did not qualify for the top 12 spots.

The regatta was thrown into contingency mode when the race course buoys and starting platfroms were torn out by rising waters and floating trees. The usual race plan of having crews race each other in groups of six changed to crews rowing 'Head style' to determine which crews had the fastest times and qualify for the top spots.

The Freshman crew will race in the Semi-finals on Saturday morning and hopefully in the final in the afternoon.

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