06 May 2009


So I started this Blog on a whim- hoping to let parents, alumni, etc. who were already interested in our program keep up with what we do...... Somtime last night we had our 30,000th visitor!  Now this is certainly not Facebook or Amazon, but thats pretty impressive, and a lot more interest than I would have expected.  I hope to keep up with more stories, more pictures, and more of what you all want to see, so let me know!



Anonymous said...

I love the Waterfront Blog! It helps our family keep up with Kacey & the rest of the Crew Team. Whenever there is something new posted, I email the link to family members to check it out.
(Sure would like to see more pictures though.)
Julie Rohloff
Ft.Collins CO

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Waterfront Blog and I think you do a great job of covering so many events. Since the athletics page does not include the waterfront(I wish it would)and the Waterfront page is not updated very often, the blog is a great source of USMMA waterfront information. Keep up the good work and I hope you can include even more events and pictures. Everyone has their favorites, mine is offshore sailing :), but I enjoy reading about all the activities.
Janice Hunsader
Park Ridge, IL

Anonymous said...


The website and blog are awesome. It means so much as a parent to see what is going on at the KP waterfront. Our Mids often are too busy to fill us in on what happening. I do have one small request: would it be possible to post results from the regattas? They are very hard to find on other websites.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Dina said...

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