26 July 2009

Indoc Waterfront Competition

Abandon Ship Race

Heaving Line Toss

The end of Indoc is marked on Sunday by the Waterfront Competitions, pitting the newly learned maritime skills of each company against each other.  This years winner was 4th Company.  

Pictures and Video Here!! 

25 July 2009

Defiance Starts Port Huron to Mackinac Race

Defiance has started the Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  Info and tracking here.

From Casey Penney KP '11

The Chicago to Mackinac Race proved to be a light air race. A good portion of it was actually a race for the breeze. We started the race on Saturday afternoon and finished Monday at 2035. With corrections, we won 3rd place of 6 boats in the turbo class, losing 2nd place by only 10 minutes.

We stayed on Mackinac Island for less than a day before we delivered the boat to Port Huron. Now Defiance is ready for the Port Huron to Mackinac Race which starts Saturday afternoon.

21 July 2009

Sailing Recruit takes the Conn on Liberator

Dinghy Sailing Recruit Robert Boger took the conn aboard Liberator today to execute a man-overboard recovery drill- good to see he can drive a ship as well as a dinghy!

18 July 2009

Indoc Waterfront Underway Ops Day 1

More Pics Here!

Prepping for the Chicago to Mackinac Race

From Casey Penny KP '11 Aboard Defiance in Chicago-

After a lot of, cleaning, maintenance, hard work, and dedication, Defiance is ready for the 2:20 PM start of the 101st Chicago to Mackinac Race. (The three midshipman on the boat; Michael Dybvik '10, Casey Penney '11, and Paul Hunsader '12; helped get the boat ready and deliver it from it's storage area in Holand, MI. The delivery to Chicago took place on the night of Wednesday, July 15th. We were able to sail most of the way with favorable winds.
We have spent the last few days making final preparations for the race. As of now, the boat is registered to do the Super Mack Race alll the way to Port Huron, but the sponsors have the option to finish the race at Mackinac Island. As of recent the estimated time of arrival to the island is sometime Monday morning.
Here in Chicago, the sky is blue, the winds are fair and we are ready for the best race possible.

Defiance Starting Super-Mac Race Today

Defiance, the Academy's J/V 66 racing yacht will start from Chicago today in the worlds longest freshwater sailing race.  The boat will start with and compete in the Chicago to Mackinac Race, but will continue through the finish line and sail down Lake Huron to finish the Super-Mac.  The boat is being sailed by a combination of Midshipmen, Alumni, and sponsors Kenneth Flaska and Fred Detwiler.  Track the Race Here!

13 July 2009

More Idoc Pics- Liberator and Sonar Sailing

3rd company on the Liberator and 4th Company on the Sonars.  Great wind and great races for the Sonars!  More Pics Here!

Band Co Plebes Underway on Liberator


More Idoc

The Waterfront Trainers put in long hours and give up thier summer leave to teach the new Plebes seamanship, sailing, and water safety- In exchange we try to make thier free time as fun as possible.  The last few days have included a boat trip to a Mets game, and sunset Laser sailing.

11 July 2009

Vanquish Arrives at KP and lots of Indoc Activity

Midshipman Misty Harris teaching knot tying to the class of 2013
Vanquish Arriving at Kings Point 

More Pics and Video HERE!

09 July 2009

Welcome Class of 2013

It is the first day of Indoc for the Class of 2013, and it is sunny and cool. 60+ new plebes and thier families had a great evening on the Yocum Sailing Center deck for a welcome BBQ where candidates met some of thier future teamates before reporting.
The Seipert family dropping off Evan for his first day as a Kings Point Sailor
Robert Boger and his parents in line for Indoc.

Welcome to all our new sailors!

Slow Ride To Halifax

It was 90% slow and drifting on the race to Halifax aboard Vanquish, with about 6 exciting hours of beating upwind in 25 knots of breeze. The team finished 6th overall correcting, placing just ahead of the U.S. Naval Academy team.

06 July 2009

Clear Skies and Fair Wind to Halifax

Monday dawned with more breeze than forecast and good boat speed toward Brasil Rock, the turning point to sail up the coast of Nova Scotia to Halifax.  We are 105 nm from the turn making speeds between 9 and 12 knots in a NW'ly wind.  Had some adventures with Code Zero halyards last night, but all going smooth.  The wind is forecast to turn on the nose tonight so we are trying to enjoy this mornings great A2/spin staysail run.

05 July 2009

Off Toward Halifax

A beautiful clear and breezy day at the start of the Marblehead to Halifax Race for Vanquish.  The breeze has been fluky though, and I have already lost count of sail changes.  Cruising along now under the A2 Spinnaker at 10 knots of boatspeed.  Light air is forecast ahead, and finding a way around it appears challenging.  For tracking check out the Marblehead to Halifax race website.