26 September 2010

Waterfront Work Party- Making Good from Bad

Last weekend we had some unfortunate events occur on some of our Waterfront Teams.  In order to reinforce the high standards of conduct we withdrew from team events this weekend and had 165 Midshipman conduct a Waterfront Work Party.  This stand-down was quiet a success, and it was great to see the Midshipmen take ownership in their projects, and their Waterfront.  Liberator looks great in white, and areas that had not been cleaned out in decades have a fresh new look.   It is amazing what a small army can accomplish.   

17 September 2010

Crazy 70 Knot Storm #3 of 2010-

Clouds of the storm, which brought a likely tornado to Brooklyn and Queens, as they pass KP.

The storm as it was over KP - the sun was still up after it passed.....Coach Pedlow after all the Dinghies were secure....

11 September 2010

10 September 2010

KP Fleet Heading to New London

The view from the USCGA Home Stands at the 2007 game.....they must love the giant KP Burgee flying in the background!

The KP Fleet will be getting underway this afternoon for the USCGA to support the football team in tomorrow's game against the Bears. Underway will be Liberator, Summerwind, Growler, Maximon, Starlight, and About Face. 70 Midshipmen will crew the vessels, including many plebes underway on their first overnight trip.

06 September 2010

Sunset Over Block Island Sound

After 27 Years of Sailing - A Day on the Water with my Dad

A great day on for the Gloucester Schooner Race joined by my now sailor sister and my dad - who sure looks like he's having fun!

05 September 2010

Rough Night Aboard Starlight

Report from Starlight in the Vineyard race - "Rough night, 30+ knot winds, 8 ft waves, and hove-to with storm try and storm jib" and "We're having fun......" That's the spirit!