26 October 2010

Match Race Practice

Kind of a grey day, but a great practice- here is some video and photos of our team at work.

25 October 2010

ICSA Match Racing National Championship

We get a little busy with things around here sometimes (OK, all the time) and sometimes I forget to mention some things that we are doing.....Such as hosting the first ever College Sailing Match Race Championship Regatta to be held November 19-21 at USMMA. We certainly do not take this lightly, and have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for a spectacular regatta. Where do we start? How about boats? The USMMA Sailing Foundation came through to purchase us 6 brand new Sonars, and Shumway Marine is loaning us 4 more.

Getting the new boats ready

What next? How about lining up some great talent to help us run the Regatta? Bill Hardesty, KP '98 and The Chicago Match Race Center have jumped in to help with live video streaming and event organization. How about a commentator for the video? Dawn Riley will share her America's Cup experience and Match Racing expertise. How about our team? Well, they have to qualify at a home regatta in early November, but they have been on the water sparring everyday, and most weekends have been match racing in Oyster Bay with Oakcliff Sailing Center, so we hope they are as prepared as they can be!

Our Team on the Water

15 October 2010

Fast Race on the Chesapeake

An exciting ride on SummerWind in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. SummerWind was neck and neck with Pride of Baltimore for a few hours, until the wind picked up and she could pull away- through the night we averaged 12 knots, and surfed to over 13, finishing at just after 4 am.

12 October 2010

KP Dominates at Storm Trysail Intercollegiate Regatta

KP Offshore Sailing Dominated at the biggest college sailing regatta in the nation. 38 College teams from across the country sailed in 5 classes at Larchmont Yacht Club, KP fielded five boats, which spreads our talent a bit, but no problem there- KP won the IRC 40 Class aboard Christopher Dragon, and the J-105 Class aboard Eclipse. Additionally the crew aboard Eclipse was awarded the overall trophy for best performance in the regatta. Congrats to all of our sailors for their great performance!

05 October 2010

Textile River Regatta

Kings Point Rowing

Textile River Regatta - Lowell, MA

October 3, 2010

The Kings Point Varsity Rowing team showed good strength for the remaining regattas this season despite the fact that they did not take home medals at the Textile River Regatta. A total of over ninety teams competed in the regatta with over six hundred entries amongst all of the events. The T.R.R.is the first true test of each teams speed as the fall racing gets more intense and everyone prepares for the prestigious Head of the Charles regatta. The T.R.R.is the first true test of each teams speed as the fall racing gets more intense and everyone prepares for the prestigious Head of the Charles regatta on October 23-24.

The weather for the morning races was nearly perfect for the three and a quarter mile race conducted in 'head style' format on the Merrimac River in Lowell. MA. The morning conditions were typically cool as one might expect of New England fall weather but then seemed to get colder and windier as the day went on.

The strongest performance was posted by the Men's Varsity four of Coxswain Giuseppe Niosi 2014, James Sanwald 2011, C Connan Ingham '12, Sean Welsh '14 and Frank Osborne '12. The four finished 2nd of 22 college crews. This was a strong early showing for the crew that will be hoping to get Kings Point back into the medals at the Head of the Charles regatta after a two year drought. "Both Freshmen Niosi and Welsh have been really impressive in what is their first semester with the team" commented Head Coach Hartwick. This was the first full three mile race of the season. " I think the crew is looking forward to the race next week at the Navy Day Regatta in order to show what speed that they really have." said coach Daniel Udeanu following the race.

The Novice men's four showed spirit in rowing the three miles at 30 strokes per minute and sprinting for the last quarter mile at 36 stokes per minute. The efforts of Coxswain Nicholas Skogen '14, Stroke John DeMedeiros '14, 3 - David Rosas '14,

2 - Jorge Jaime and Bow Joseph Glywasky '14 earned them a 5th place amongst 9 colleges. This was a good start for a crew that has just learned to row since arriving at Kings Point.

In finishing third overall but the first college crew, the women rowed their best race of the season. The posted time of 19:11 was their fastest of the season.

In their first three mile race, the crew of Toni Birdsong '14 and Brooke Mueller '14 managed the rough conditions and completed their race with a 3rd place of 4 college crews in the Women's Double event.

The Varsity Men's eight completed the day with a fine row in the open eight category. With no practices together, the crew of Coxswain Giuseppe Niosi 2014, Stroke-Frank Osborne '12, 7-James Sanwald 2011, 6- Connan Ingham '12, 5-Sean Welsh '14, 4- Frank Romano '14, 3-Jack White '14, 2-Greg Trieber '14 and Bow- John Dohring '14 rowed a fine race in finishing 7th of 11 colleges despite having already rowed a race only a couple hours earlier. "We were tired before the 'Varsity Eight' race but it went well and we worked together to move the boat' commented Dohring following the race.

The men's eight of Coxswain Bethany Haskell '14, Stroke Frank Romano '14, 7-John Dohring, 6-Malek Byam '14, 5-Jack White, 4-Greg Trieber, 3-Brendan Rohr, 2-Michael Kirk, and Bow Chris Murphy '13 rowed hard but had some difficulties with the course as crews fought for the space on the rain-swelled Merrimac River. The crew seemed to have difficulty finding it's rhythm as it finished in 13th spot in the Men's Club event. The crew will have a chance to regroup prior to next week's race in Philadelphia.

Next week the Kings Point rowers will take on tough competition as it meets many Division I, II and III teams at the Navy Day Regatta. Kings Point will be matching up against such teams as Navy, Penn, Temple, St. Josephs and Rutgers as well as the usual DIII teams.

04 October 2010

SummerWind Racing in New York Classic Regatta

Thanks to Anne Beaumont for the picture taken from the Lettie G. Howard.