28 October 2012

KP Storm Preps-

Last year for Hurricane Irene we prepped the Waterfront in three days, hauling boats, docks, etc. and moving them to the highest ground possible- with the help of 100 midshipmen. This year the Waterfront staff has done the same feat with the help of only a few as it is fall break and fortunately our midshipmen are away from Kings Point ( and hopefully safe from the storm.) The dedication and hard
work put in by Richie, Johnny, Rob, Jackie, Chip, Rick and our coaching staff is something you'd have to see to believe. I can't thank them enough for their dedication. And that dedication and hard work does not stop at KP in our prep for Sandy- Liz, Jared, and Joe have SummerWind lashed in tight in Annapolis (thanks Flip Walters, KP alum and Annapolis Harbormaster) and will be riding it out aboard. Ralf and the team had Flying Jenny (our new TP 52) hauled and rig out within hours of winning the IRC East Coast Championship. Further North Joe and Mark had Liberty Star fired up 18 hours after we decided to take her across the river to more secure dockage (thanks CAPT Rick Smith, Master of the TV Empire State and Scott Nicholas from MT, Dave Palmer from ME and Scott McCormick KP'10 for helping out with the shift.) Even further North, Jonathan and I have Liberator and a great midshipmen crew safely tucked into the Port of Albany after a great training voyage up the river with a stop at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston (thanks to Captain John Beebe-Center on Lynx for allowing us to tie up alongside for the night.) And to the East Jessie and the boys in Newport getting the rig on Wizard down and out of the wind. I'm sure I missed a lot -Gerry cheering on from home and Mary holding down the office for starters......

Anyway thank you all for all you do- hunker down and stay safe!