16 February 2009

Icebreaking Training Trip

Seven Midshipman and myself packed aboard Growler this weekend and headed up the Hudson River.  In addition to finding some ice, stops were made at 79th St. New York City, Newburgh, Bear Mountain, and West Point.  To make it a true President's Day weekend we toured Washington's Headquarters in Newburgh.  

Pics and Video

12 February 2009

Waterfront Winter Ops- Racing Navigation

What an excellent seminar today! Great job Chris!!

I would like to thank everyone for coming to this evening’s seminar on Racing Sailboat Navigation. M/N Branning did an outstanding job explaining the role of the Navigator aboard sailboats, while comparing it to that on board ships. I hope everyone learned something this evening. I know as a lifetime sailor myself, I have never experienced the technology and equipment that is involved with these performance maxi-yachts that was shown this evening; I will definitely be taking a lot back to the boat this summer when I get back on the water.

We had a great turnout this evening, and I would like to thank everyone for showing their interest and participation in our Winter Waterfront Ops. This week was the last official week of the winter training. I would love to hear everyone’s input on the program as we will try to reinstate a similar training next year. I hope these classes helped everyone stay tuned up during the winter months. The boats will be launched over Spring Break, which is right around the corner! We are considering spring on-the-water training once the boats are all in. If you could send me some ideas of what you would like to see, I would much appreciate it.

Thank you again for your interest and support of our Academy’s most valuable asset: the Waterfront! --Kyle Stearns, RWO

04 February 2009

Farewell and Good Luck to Rob Asma

Rob Asma, a valued Waterfront employee since 1997 will be leaving the Department of Waterfront Activities next week to take a position as Engineering Lab Technician in the Department of Marine Engineering. This has come about due to the continued uncertainty surrounding his and other positions within the Waterfront that has resulted from the continuing employee conversion process. Rob, whose qualifications include a USCG license, Boating Safety Instructor, and USCG active duty experience has done an amazing job of transforming several Waterfront programs. He has successfully turned the Power Squadron into an impressive training operation, helping to develop the professional skills of a ship operator in many of our graduates. He successfully developed and carried out a program that resulted in 5 Engineering Majors from the class of 2008 earning their USCG Limited Tonnage Masters license before graduation. Rob has also been an instructor for ship handling, and STCW courses such as Fast Rescue Boat.

It is unfortunate that his talents and skills are not being allowed to be fully utilized, and that the Academy has been instructed to downgrade his position to that of a mechanic; requiring no vessel operational or educational experience; skills that are vital to maintain the training standards and operational safety of the Kings Point Waterfront training programs.

We wish Rob the best of luck in his new position, and send him "up the hill" with our support, and with an open invitation to come see us any time!