27 April 2011

Alumni on the C&D Canal

Met the Neil Mcallister in the C&D Canal last evening with former Growler Skipper Kyle Stearns '08 aboard as Mate.

17 April 2011

Growler and the Lady

Growler crew on a drier day in the Harbor.

16 April 2011

Lumpy Day in New York Harbor

Growler underway for training in New York Habor.

09 April 2011

Spring at the Waterfront

Spring is here- Finally! Here's a bunch of things we've been up to-

Greater New York Dinghy Regatta, KP-SUNY MC Monomoy Race, Port Security Drill with USCG, Generator change out on Growler.......

08 April 2011

Kings Point Falls Again in SUNY Monomoy Race

The teams on the course

Admirals Greene and Caine with the Monomoy Race Teams, Trophy and NY Marine Society President Tim Ferrie

01 April 2011

T/V Kings Pointer Headed to Japan for Salvage Project

Ship sails today- 01 April 2011 for Northeast Japan to lead the effort to remove the many stranded vessels resulting from the recent tsunami. "When I signed up for the Introduction to Salvage class I never thought our first project would be to remove a 200' fishing boat from a highway, but I think we've got a good plan" said Midshipman Peter Kaple. "I was really surprised yesterday when during lunch the RC announced that all Shipyard Management Majors had been graduated early, and while I figured I would be building ships rather than disassembling them, I think this will be a great opportunity" said senior Joe Hoffman. When asked how they planned to return some of the giant vessels back to sea, Midshipman Jake Barker replied "The T/V Kings Pointer has 1600 horses under the hood and a shallow draft- we're just going to pull them back to the water." Concerns about the continued radiation release were quelled by Chief Mate Terwedow- "The Kings Pointer was built in 1984, and we still have cases of unused NBC gear that have never been opened- we plan to suit up as soon as we pass Hawaii."