31 July 2010

Getting Ready to Race

Summerwind sailing in company with the Spirit of South Carolina.

29 July 2010

Now That Indoc is Over......

We all relax at the KP Waterfront.......Not exactly- here are some things going on-

Three of our Keelboat Team Sailors are competing in the Oak Cliff Match Racing Invitational, begging our prep toward the ICSA Sloop Championships, which will be a match race format for the first time, and hosted at KP in November.

We had a great first practice yesterday afternoon for the Dinghy and Offshore teams- welcome to the 47 new members of the Offshore Sailing Team.

Tomorrow 8 Midshipman will set off for Maine aboard Summerwind to compete in the Castine to Camden Race, the Castine to Brooklin Race, and the Eggomoggin Reach Regatta. We are excieted to wave the flag in Maine, as well as some great offshore passagemaking and navigation practice in Maine waters. Summerwind will then sail offshore to Nantucket for the Opera House Cup Regatta before returning home to KP.

25 July 2010

Another Storm at KP

Amazing to see our Waterfront Midshipman handle a challenge today- 340 plebes at the waterfront moved safely to Yocum Sailing Center, the waterfront officers and trainers responding in fast rescue boats to tow in the monomoys that had been anchored in preperation for the monomoy race. 70+ knots of wind, 5' breaking waves, and salt spray so intense there was zero visibility, but they were able to pull 4 of 5 monomoys off the rocks. It is incredible to see their seamanship skills and training kick-in and calmly and professionally handle a very intense situation!  More Pics Here.

Indoc 2010 Waterfront Competitions

Designing Aluminum foil boats before the storm......More Videos Here

23 July 2010

The Next Kings Pointers?

Junior sailors from the Oyster Bay Waterfront Center aboard Summerwind.

18 July 2010

400 and some pics from Underway Ops today!  Lots of just boats as we were trying to get a fleet picture, but lots of new Plebe Candidates having a great time learning to be Mariners!

11 July 2010

Indoc Day 4 Band Co. Water Safety

Indoc Day 4 Pics- Platoon 202

Indoc 2010 Day 4 Platoon 202 Water Safety

Newport to Bermuda Race Video from Vanquish

Thanks to Scotty King for putting together another great video even though he couldn't join us this year!  Thanks to Buddy Rego and Russ Lucas for sponsoring the race, and to Billy Riker- May he rest in peace on the waves-

08 July 2010

2010 Indoc Reporting Day - Welcome to KP Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 reported to Kings Point today - Welcome to all of our new sailors!

USMMA Indoc 2010 Day 1

03 July 2010

Waterfront Indoc Trainers Prep Survival Suit Relay Slide-

Tomorrow the Waterfront team will practice plebe competition day with the Drill Instructors and Midshipman Officers - one event includes a survival suit relay with a giant slip-and-slide. Only one way to make sure it works!

01 July 2010

Getting Ready for the Class of 2014

Our Waterfront Trainers have been busy prepping for Indoc. With just one week left till the class of 2014 arrives the trainers have been prepping boats, practicing their shiphandling, sailing, and seamanship skills, and honing their teaching skills for the large incoming class. How do we make sure they are good enough to teach the incoming plebes? Practice!