31 January 2011

KP at the South Pole

Just received the following email and photos from the ADM Mark Buzby, KP'79 and currently CO of Military Sealift Command- Always great to see the KP Burgee flying proud!

Just back from my travels to Antarctica to check on MSC piece of Operation DEEP FREEZE resupply mission. While there, I had the opportunity to visit the US base at the South Pole - Amundsen-Scott Station, and could not resist hoisting the KP pennant there. This is actually the pennant off JERRY LAND flown proudly for many years.
Believe this is the first time the KP pennant has ever travelled there, and certainly at the lowest temperature it has ever flown (-10 deg F with -43 deg windchill!).
Being a well-trained Mariner, I did not trust the scientist's position of the geographic Pole, and instead verified the true posit with my handheld GPS. Good fix.

You are welcome to use the photos as desired. Photos were taken on 26 Jan 11 by Maj Jonathan Hannon, USAF.

Yours aye, Buz

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