11 January 2011

70 Year Old Monomoy Referbishment

The Kings Point Monomoys have made it through 70 years of hard- pretty good for a boat that was likely designed to last long enough to train WWII Merchant Mariners. New fiberglass versions are on their war this winter, but we decided to give one of the old ones a makeover. The wood is in great shape, and once the paint was removed the scent of cedar from the planking filled the boat bay!


Jim said...

Interesting project,..nice work. Once your Monomoy makeover is complete,..this one should be preserved in some special location,..maybe in a shed type building at the museum? Similar to what Mystic Seaport has done with their whaling craft, etc. Great post,..thanks as always for sharing.

www.navarra-3d.com said...

Here, I do not really suppose this will have effect.