26 September 2010

Waterfront Work Party- Making Good from Bad

Last weekend we had some unfortunate events occur on some of our Waterfront Teams.  In order to reinforce the high standards of conduct we withdrew from team events this weekend and had 165 Midshipman conduct a Waterfront Work Party.  This stand-down was quiet a success, and it was great to see the Midshipmen take ownership in their projects, and their Waterfront.  Liberator looks great in white, and areas that had not been cleaned out in decades have a fresh new look.   It is amazing what a small army can accomplish.   


Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Wow how many dumpsters of stuff did they clean up from around the waterfront? And as you say Liberator looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love It !! Going old school. Should be done more often.Lesson's learned and something tangible accomplished!

Jim said...

Sorry to hear about "unfortunate events",...but great way to reinforce higher standards of conduct,...good stuff. Thanks for sharing. Regards, JP