10 September 2010

KP Fleet Heading to New London

The view from the USCGA Home Stands at the 2007 game.....they must love the giant KP Burgee flying in the background!

The KP Fleet will be getting underway this afternoon for the USCGA to support the football team in tomorrow's game against the Bears. Underway will be Liberator, Summerwind, Growler, Maximon, Starlight, and About Face. 70 Midshipmen will crew the vessels, including many plebes underway on their first overnight trip.


Jim said...

Best of luck for KP vs CGA game. Have a safe trip to and from New London. Great pic, thanks for sharing. Best Regards, Jim

matthew houskeeper said...

Just wondering, how long will Summerwind be in New London?
Might have some free time Sunday to take a look at her

muebles mostoles said...

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