02 September 2008

Genuine Risk First to Finish in Vineyard Race

Just one week after arriving at Kings Point from a 2500 nm trip from Lake Michigan Genuine Risk has finished first in the 2008 Vineyard Race. Genuine Risk was on pace to set a new record for the race for the first 130 nm of the 238 mile race. But fickle winds made the final leg very slow- even sitting in no wind in sight of the finish for 6 hours. The boat, crewed by midshipman, Alumni and Coaches finished the race at 2300 Saturday night, three hours ahead of the next finisher, course record holder Blue Yankee.

More Pics Here

CDR Chris Gasiorek, KP '95
Ralf Steitz, KP Sailing Foundation
Jeff Miller, KP '04
Pat Showell, KP '09
Phil Ientile, KP '10
Jeremiah Lyons, KP '05
Justin Henigan, KP '08
Joe Hoffman, KP '11
Casey Penney, KP '11
Brian Giorgio, KP '08
Peete Must, KP '05
Mr. Bill Jenkins
Bill Jenkins Jr. KP '20?
Mr. Tom Castiglione
Mr. Jeff Shane
Mr. Tony Reaper
Mr. Bill Walker
Mr. Rick Marriman, USNA
Bubba Suggs, KP '11
Andrew Conroy, KP '11

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