01 April 2012

New Training Ship for Kings Point

Since the departure of the T/V Kings Pointer for Texas Maritime this winter there has been much speculation and searching for a new training ship to serve the needs of Kings Point. Would it be a new ocean-going ship, or something to help cater more training toward the towing industry and growing inland fleet? Or perhaps a dynamic positioning equipped supply boat, to help train our mariners for the growing opportunities in the oil patch? Well the wait is over, and it is an honor to introduce the new T/V Kings Pointer- formerly the Theodore Too. Once the new tug has been re-flagged, and her red ball cap changed to a khaki KP combination cover she will begin her new mission teaching future Kings Pointers the art of towing operations and how to get along with all her friends in the harbor. Join me on this first day of April to give a big Kings Point welcome to our new Flagship!


dw Kp'94 said...

We can LOL or ROFL all the way to them closing the Vickery Gates for good. Closing Gmats, getting rid of T/v Kings Pointer, accounting "irregularities", not having permanent and adequate leadership-so we appear rudderless, letting the facilities fall into disrepair....all set the stage for slamming the door on our beloved alma mater.... forever.

It seems foolish to be joking around about Teddy Tugboat at such a perilous time.

Kings Point Waterfront said...

Sorry that you did not find our annual April Fools day post entertaining. Many of our midshipmen, alumni, and parents have come to enjoy this annual post, particular in these challenging times for KP. Perhaps if you look at some of the non-April Fools Day posts on this blog you will see some of the amazing things that our midshipmen sailors do everyday to exemplify the best that KP can be! If you'd like to discuss further feel free to contact me at the Yocum Sailing Center. CG KP'95