28 May 2011

Tiburon Crew at the Start of the 2011 Around Block Island Race

Tiburon had a great start- last report has them in thick fog off Block Island. Here's the latest report from Skipper Karl Sergojan-

" We had a good night with our approach and arrival to rounding block. We met the other Swan 42 in our class while we were rounding at the north end and made huge gains and passed them as we went around. There has been heavy fog all morning with visibility at roughly 300 feet. It has been very hard to see other boats as they approach very close to us. We could also hear the waves crashing on shore without being able to see it. We also saw many sharks on the eastern shore of block. Overall doing well and practicing our navigation in restricted visibility."

More Pics Here-


Jim said...

Around Block Island race is a good one for the academy. Thanks so much for the pics,...looks like a decent day,..a great race. Best wishes to everyone on Memorial Day. Jim P.

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