18 April 2010

USMMA-USCGA Bermuda Race Safety at Sea Seminar

Update- Pics and Video Here

What do you get when you take the bow off a Farr 40 (thank you Hasso Plattner), bolt a flange and a fire house to the outside, make a crack on the inside, and put M/N Alex Nielsen inside with an assortment of tools and patching supplies? Alot wet, and alot of experience! USCGA hosted the T/V Liberator and 20 USMMA Midshipmen for a joint Safety at Sea Seminar preparation for this years Newport to Bermuda Race. skills covered included Lifesaving Equipment, Emergency Communications, Emergency Signalling, Weather, Medical Emergencies, and Damage control.

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Jim said...

Great update, very worthwhile experience. Thanks. Jim P. ('76)