12 February 2010

Kings Pointers In Haiti

Pic 230
Pic 229

Pic 227

Pic 226

Just recieved these pictures from Haiti where KP Alumni have been pitching in with port repair and operations. Here is an update from Captain Brian Hall '84 who is the Marine Transportation Department Head here at KP. Great to see my classmates Don Babcock and Ezra Mead! As for those that were sailors- these I know...perhaps the others as well.
Ezra Mead- Offshore Sailing
Adm Buzby- Power Squadron - RWO
Kyle Stearns- RWO

On photo 226 and 227 personnel as follows LCDR Don Babcock USN, '95, CO Assault Craft Unit 2 ; RADM Mark Buzby USN, '79, CO Military Sealift Command, CDR Ezra Mead USN, '95, CO MSC EPU 109, CAPT Brian Hall USN, 84, CO NCAGS Det. E
Photos 229 and 230 shows port operations and damage to the port.

We are here supporting the delivery of humanitarian aid such as food, water, medicine and equipment through the port. Other grads supporting the effort include:
CAPT Rich Horn '81 MASTER USNS Lummus
Chief Mate Pete Kirk '90 Lummus
Third Mate John Bozzi '86 Lummus

CDR Dow Knight USN '93 4TH Fleet Staff

Chief Mate Jan Genemans SS Cornhusker.

Mate Kyle Stearns, 09 MV ,Victoria Hunt

The Humanitarian Aid is brought in by container ship and barge and then lightered ashore by Landing Craft Units (LCU). We are assisting the Haitian people by restoring Port Operations, Pilot Services in order to provide food, water, medical services, equipment and generators.

Please keep the victims of the earthquake in your thoughts and prayers.



Greg said...

I'm glad to see that the US is able to make a difference for those in Haiti, and that KP'ers are on the ground playing an intergral part.

www.colchones.cn said...

It will not succeed as a matter of fact, that is what I consider.