06 December 2009

Holiday Ball

Someone had the wonderful idea to hold the Holiday Ball in Wiley Hall instead of Delano.  The venue change was great- here is a blurry but cool photo from the quarterdeck balcony.


Jeff in CA said...

(Off topic)
I am curious. At href=http://collegesailing.org/nas/fall04/sloops_results.htm , ICSA shows the 2004 Sloop winner as Texas A&M Galveston, with USMMA finishing 6th. Yet at href=http://www.usmma.edu/waterfront/dinghy/halloffame.htm , USMMA claims to have won the ICSA sloop title in 2004. Any idea why this discrepancy exists?

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of how you count the years- it was the 2004 school year sloops nationals that Kings Point won, but it took place in the fall of 2003. http://collegesailing.org/nas/fall03/sloops_results.htm

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