05 October 2009

PJ Connolly '12 Races aboard Courageous

We often get calls looking for Kings Pointers to crew on other boats- but not often do we get such a match. Courageous, a 12 meter that won two America's Cups raced this weekend in New York Harbor and needed a trimmer. So Courageous being the Rhode Island State Yacht what could we do but put a Rhode Islander aboard? Sounds like PJ enjoyed the sailing!

Also, thank you very much for the sail this weekend. It was by far, equal to the whole bi race week on vanquish, probably the best sailing experience I’ve ever had. The crew was incredible, I really learned a ton. Jamie was such a cool skipper, larry- a little out of his mind but really good, rich-awesome guy-guess owns a tricked out express, mike-the tender driver-probably the coolest of them all-great stories, matt-capt- is a great sailor-used to sail s boats. the boat was out of this world, the setup. Every tack and jibe was a real challenge, the loads were unreal. The pedals were really cool, towards the end I really got a hand of the transfer of the sheet and guy with the pedals. Also on layline when about to head downwind and attaching a second jib sheet and transferring the load so you could hook up spin was crazy. The crew helped me out a bunch. And trimming on a 12 was incredible, especially courageous. Thank you I really appreciate it.

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