06 September 2009

Vanquish Wins Class in 75th Vineyard Race

Vanquish finished the Vineyard Race yesterday afternoon, and after waiting for the rest of the fleet to finish for results, corrected into first place in the IRC Zero class, beeting several fully professionally crewed boats, sailed by some of the top sailors in the sport, and finishing 4th overall of 46 boats in the IRC class.  It was mostly a light air race, and our Kings Point sailors did a great job of keeping the boat moving, and finding the wind.

More Pictures Here


Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Sweet! Great job, also love the pics especially the one of folks watching the relative bearings of the competition from the rail!

One-time Sailing Master said...

Well done Mariners! It always feels good when you upset the big boys, particularly after a drifter.