18 July 2009

Prepping for the Chicago to Mackinac Race

From Casey Penny KP '11 Aboard Defiance in Chicago-

After a lot of, cleaning, maintenance, hard work, and dedication, Defiance is ready for the 2:20 PM start of the 101st Chicago to Mackinac Race. (The three midshipman on the boat; Michael Dybvik '10, Casey Penney '11, and Paul Hunsader '12; helped get the boat ready and deliver it from it's storage area in Holand, MI. The delivery to Chicago took place on the night of Wednesday, July 15th. We were able to sail most of the way with favorable winds.
We have spent the last few days making final preparations for the race. As of now, the boat is registered to do the Super Mack Race alll the way to Port Huron, but the sponsors have the option to finish the race at Mackinac Island. As of recent the estimated time of arrival to the island is sometime Monday morning.
Here in Chicago, the sky is blue, the winds are fair and we are ready for the best race possible.

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Ed said...

Have a great time Casey and crew. I will be with you in spirit the entire way. Lake Michigan, my favorite body of water.
Uncle EO