17 December 2008

Wrapping Up a Tough Year

As many of you know this has been a tough year for Kings Point and the Kings Point Waterfront. Our funding has dried up on several levels and from several causes, and our hard working and dedicated staff has been faced with uncertainty as we go through what has proved to be a difficult process of transitioning them to government employment. We have tried to get through these issues with minimal impact on our Midshipman- these are not their problems and they deserve the best training, facilities, and activities that we can provide. The Waterfront Staff and Coaches have pitched in with amazing dedication to help make that happen. Alumni and friends of the program have chipped in with countless hours of work -Jeff, Dan, Jon, Peete to name a few- and I'm not talking about taking a Saturday to sail with Midshipman. These guys assembled two Maxi yachts (one of them twice) and transported them by land and sea over 5000 miles helping KP to Finish First in two of the Worlds most prestigious yacht races. The Waterfront Staff spent many days and weekends underway as well- bringing boats from as far as New Hampshire. Its not any group that can jump on any kind of boat that has been stored for years and get it ready for sea in a few hours, but Richie and his ever eager crewmates are never daunted by a challenge. While I'm on a roll here another group that kept a bright face and an amazingly positive outlook to share with the Midshipmen were the Waterfront Officers- Joe, Brad, and Tamera- you three did a great job running the show. Last and certainly not least, without Ralf and the Sailing Foundation things would be much bleaker- the USMMA Sailing Foundation has been our program's lifeline, extending its resources while still growing to keep KP Sailing afloat. With the issues we have faced we still managed to provide great opportunities for training and underway experiences- here are some events and stats to put the year in perspective-

Events- Offshore
Acura Grand Prix Regatta- Miami, FL
Farr 40 World Championship Regatta- Miami, FL
Newport to Bermuda Race- Peregrine and Defiance
Chicago to Mackinac Race- Genuine Risk and Defiance
St. Lawrence Seaway to KP- Genuine Risk

The Offshore Sailing Team traveled over 7000nm this year on overnight or multi-day offshore voyages.

Events- Power Squadron
Support for Dinghy Team Nationals- Newport, RI- Liberator and Mariner
Support for Crew Team Mystic Coastweeks Regatta, Liberator and Maximon
Many voyages to Hudson Canyon for Tuna
Hudson River Trips
VIP Trips

279 Trips in all for over 1300 Hours and over 15000nm underway!

In addition our Dinghy Team Qualified for Nationals and our Rowing team had one of their best seasons ever with great performances at the Head of the Charles.

We are not out of the woods yet, and Spring will be a tough season, but with your continued support of our Midshipmen and our programs there should be brighter times ahead.

Chris Gasiorek
Sailing Master

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