04 August 2008

About Face Crew Finds the Fish

Waterfront Team members made a trip offshore to the Hudson Canyon this weekend aboard About Face. Not a bad weekend of fishing! Here's the story from Jordan Musselman KP '10-
The seven man crew of the About Face left Kings Point at 1600 Friday afternoon for the 135 mile cruise the Southwest corner of the Hudson Canyon. We arrived at 445 and had 11 rods on the troll by 0500. It was a slow couple of hours before the crew had their first knockdown which was a 35lb yellow fin tuna. Immediately after putting the rods back in the water a school of yellow fin tuna was spotted racing towards the spread from the port side. Within 10 seconds the crew had 7 knockdowns and 6 lines came tight. The crew boated all 6 fish, 5 of which were yellow fin tuna and the 6th was a skipjack. After icing down the fish we continued to work the same area hoping to hook up a nice marlin after a boat nearby released a 400lb blue. Being unable to locate any larger fish we began trolling east looking for deeper water. Around 1500 a large pod of whales was spotted and we hooked a 60lb yellow fin beneath them. An hour later we had a triple knockdown hooking one fish and breaking off the other two. It was an hour and forty five minute battle before we were able to bring the fish on board which turned out to be a 150lb big eye tuna. The rest of the evening was slow until the night bite where we released a 140lb brown shark but were unable to locate more tuna. The crew put their Kings Point education to practical use while U/W for the 330nm round trip dealing with an overheating generator, and electrical difficulties restricting the use of all modern navigation equipment which eventually caused us to leave the grounds at 0500 Sunday morning. The About Face Crew did an excellent job of dealing with the problems and included, Scott McCormick 10’, Jordan Musselman 10’, Pat Lowe 09’, Kyle Setta 10’, Joshua Jordan 10’, Mike Burbelo 10’, and graduate Adam Shannahan 08’. Overall it was a great first trip of the year and hope to make many more.

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