27 June 2008

Defiance and Peregrine arrive in Bermuda after very different races

Kings Point Crew Dinner at Elbow Beach. 17 Kings Pointers from '75 to '11!
Sunset from Defiance

There were two different races to Bermuda this year depending upon the size of boat a sailor was on. Aboard Defiance we had an upwind beat in light to moderate winds- 18 knots max- and finished the race at midnight Monday having barely seen a drop of rain or. Peregrine had the opposite, with many hours of 25 knot plus winds, big waves in the Gulf Stream, a 50 knot squall, and generally a much more "classic" Bermuda Race experience. Regardless of the nature of the race everyone was relieved to be in Bermuda and enjoy the great welcome that the island is famous for. Defiance is currently sailing back to Newport to prepare for the Chicago to Mackinac race, and Peregrine should leave Bermuda for Kings Point on Saturday. As for race results we were mixed against our rivals- Defiance beat the Navy's big boat Zaraffa, but Peregrine lost to the Coast Guard. Full Results

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