13 May 2008

Kings Point Rowing- Dad Vail Regatta

Dad Vail Regatta- May 9-10, 2008
Largest World Collegiate Rowing Regatta
Competing Teams: 130
Athletes: 3300

The crew of Meagan Fahey ’08 and Erin Mitchell ’08 did what no other women’s crew has done in Kings Point history. At this years Dad Vail Regatta; considered to be the national championships for small colleges and universities, they finished in the top ten and made it through to the semi-finals. Celebrating its 70th anniversary, the Dad Vail Regatta attracted one-hundred and thirty schools and thirty-three hundred athletes to this year’s competition.

“It is a bit nerve-racking in the heat when they waited until the last 200 meters to pull into qualifying position” said Coach Derek Hartwick of Fahey and Mitchell. Rowing in the fourth position until near the end of the race, the crew was able to row through Nova Southeastern; a nationally ranked team and perennial favorites at the NCAA Championships, and qualify for the semi-final.

The Kings Point pair drew a fast semi which included the eventual gold and silver medalist crews of University of Toronto and Brock University from Canada. With only two crews qualifying from each semi to move to the final, Fahey and a Mitchell were left with a tough decision to go out fast in the first part of the race and hope for the best. While their time of 8:00.05 was their best for the season and a record for Kings Point, it was not enough to get the hard-fighting duo into the final.

It was fast enough to place them in 9th place for the regatta and narrowly miss the Grand Final.
The season highlights included a victory at the Manhattan Invitational, 2nd at the New York State Championships and a record performance at the Dad Vail Regatta. This crew has set the bar high for future women’s crews at Kings Point.

The Varsity Men’s four posted their fastest time for the season and was only nine seconds behind the qualifying position of 2nd place, narrowly missing a bid for the second round. With more than twenty teams all finishing within 15 seconds of each other, it was very tough competition to get past the first round in the regatta.

Rain, wind and fast waters marked the first day of racing. The Crew of Coxswain- Sarah Jones ’08, Stroke – Kyle O’Connor, 3 – Steven Jones, 2 – Sam Diedrick ’10, Bow – Jeremy Tunstall ’10 were able to handle the conditions but despite having gained speed as the season progressed, the crew found itself lacking the speed it takes to make the finals. Each rower was pressed at the beginning of the season to return to racing form after returning from for months at sea. “The crew is encouraged by the prospect of the returning seniors for the fall season and the progress that we made through this spring. Next year should be a good one” commented Hartwick.

The Novice crew of Coxswain – Jonathon Gardner '11, Stroke- Andrew Pfarner '10, 3- Scott Norris, '11, 2- Russell Marihugh ‘10, Bow- Romulus Cirone ’10 raced well but was unable to overcome the speed and experience of the competing crews in their heat. The crew struggled through the first half of the season because of inexperience. The crew gained plenty of speed through the last half of the season but found itself challenged because of a crew member change in mid-season. “Some of our competitors in the regatta had rowers with four years on our guys. Three of our rowers and the coxswain started just this spring, they rowed with courage and tenacity” said Coach Hartwick encouragingly.

Graduating senior Ricky Lagdon ’08 teamed up with returning Midshipman Brad Webster who had just returned from sea last week. With just one practice, the pair showed commitment and confidence in taking to the water for Kings Point. They were unable to qualify for the second round of the regatta but rowed well considering the lack of preparation. “Ricky has been committed to the team during his four years at Kings Point and I’m glad he got to row one last time as a Mariner.” commented Hartwick.


Women’s Pair
4th Place in Semi-Final
9th Place overall in regatta
Time: 8:00
Stroke – Meagan Fahey ’08, Bow Erin Mitchell ’08.

Freshman/Novice Men's Four
6th Place in Heat (Did not qualify for Final)
Time: 7:42
Coxswain – Jonathon Gardner '11, Stroke- Andrew Pfarner '10, 3- Scott Norris, '11, 2- Russell Marihugh ‘10, Bow- Romulus Cirone ‘10.

Varsity Men's Four:
5th Place in Heat (Did not qualify for final)
Placed 5th in Heat
Time: 7:10
Coxswain- Sarah Jones ’08, Stroke – Kyle O’Connor, 3 – Steven Jones, 2 – Sam Diedrick ’10, Bow – Jeremy Tunstall ‘10

Varsity Men's Pair:
5th Place in Heat (Did not qualify for final)
Time: 8:22
Stroke- Ricky Lagdon ‘08, Bow – Brad Webster ’10.

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