01 April 2008

KP Rowing- Murphy Cup Regatta – Philadelphia, PA

Kings Point Varsity Crew started the spring season with some mixed results at the Murphy Cup Regatta in Philadelphia. The best result came with the Varsity Women’s Pair of Meagan Fahey ’08 and Erin Mitchell ‘08. This was the best performance by a Kings Point women’s crew to date in this regatta. A total of thirty-five teams competed in the regatta with over two-hundred and thirty entries amongst all of the events.

The weather was not ideal but was what one expects for the Schuylkill River at this time of the year; cold, windy and sometimes nasty. The morning conditions were seasonally cool as one might expect but the day got progressively warmer. A steady tail wind and a current moving down course combined to make for some quick races.

The Women’s Pair had a hard-fought race in the heat in order to qualify for the final. In edging out Carnegie Melon by less than a second in the heat and finishing only 2 seconds behind Fairfield, Fahey and Mitchell were able to garner a prime lane for the final. Despite having a great start in the final and racing in the top three crews for 600 meters, the pace was too quick for the Mariners and they fell a few seconds back by the 1000 meter mark. The inexperience of not having raced in the pair yet this spring made it difficult to respond to the challenge of the competition. While finishing 6th overall, the crew had a fine race and is expected to find even greater speed as the season progresses.

The Men’s crews started the season with some fine rowing but slow times. With poor rowing conditions over the last few weeks, the team has had difficulty getting enough time to build a racing rate. Both of Kings Point’s men’s crews were unable to qualify for the highly competitive Varsity Four final. With a full schedule of teams entered; twenty-three in total, our Mariners were able to finish third and fourth in their respective races but unable to capture the first spot that would have assured a spot in the final. The crew of Coxswain Sarah Jones ‘08, Stroke Steven Jones ‘10, 3- Kyle O’Connor ‘10, 2-Ricky Lagdon ‘08, and Bow- Sam Diedrick ‘10 completed the 2000 meter course in 7:30.
The mostly Novice crew of Coxswain Robert Kaldenbach ’11, Stroke Jeremy Tunstall ’10, 3-Scott Norris ’11, 2- Tyler Hathcote’11 and Bow Romulus Cirone ’10 races well but failed finish in qualifying position in the Varsity race. This crew will likely race in the Freshman category throughout the season and is expected to finish much higher in the standings as the season progresses. Their time was 8:02 for the mile and a quarter distance.

The Freshman-Novice women’s crew of Coxwain- Robert Kaldenbach, Stroke- Molly King ’11, 3- Kirstin Brewster, 2- Janelle Kibler-Silengo, Bow- Kathleeen McCarte had a good row on Saturday. With Kibler-Silengo having just started rowing three weeks ago, the crew is just beginning to find it’s stride. It should be a great season for this crew as they continue to improve e each week.

Kings Point rowing heads to the Harlem River on April 5th for the Manhattan College Invitational. Traditionally, the Mariners have done quite well at this annual event.

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